Previous Filming Experience

My previous experience of using a camera to film something, is pretty much none. Thankfully it’s not hard to learn how to use a camera fairly quickly, so it didn’t prove a massive problem.

The one former exposure I have had with filming is our Audience Research Task. It was fairly simple: hold the camera facing someone whilst they answered questions. In this sense it was a very useful first experience to have, as no technicalities were involved, so I could familiarise myself with the camera: red = record, green = paused. Also whilst filming this task, I acquainted myself with the zoom button, enabling a well-rounded understanding of most aspects of the camera.

When back at school we began the editing process, importing the clips onto the computer then into Final Cut. The programme took a while to understand, but eventually it became quite quick and easy to edit. Once the concept was understood, the editing didn’t prove difficult and appeared to be quite successful. However when it came to viewing our finished piece, it hadn’t quite worked as we’d have liked it to. I believe this was because we hadn’t rendered all the clips together, so it did not flow properly. In the next editing we do, we will have to ensure everything is done correctly and watch it through before handing it in.

The programme used to edit our video clips.


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