Tuesday 5th October – Filming of Preliminary Task

This was much easier than previously anticipated. Because our group (Mollie, Diva and I) had the techniques embedded into our mind, we knew that we had to stick to them. They were so forefront in our filming and how it was done that we ensured they were all done and to the best of our abilities. Granted it meant we took a bit longer to film it all, but I believe it means we have eye line match, match-on-action, 180 degree rule and shot/reverse shot all incorporated and done reasonably well in our short clip. The filming was fun and easy to do, with the majority of it going smoothly. Amazingly we also managed to stick to our storyboard pretty much exactly. We adhered to what we had previously decided to do with it, only adding in one or two extra shots that were needed so that the continuity of the clip made sense.

The actors we used were friends of ours that looked similar enough for the story to make sense. The got on together well, which was useful as if it had been awkard the filiming process would have been much longer with a lot more negativity in the atmosphere.

During filming itself, all three of us had a go at both doing the actual filming and directing the shoot. Due to the planning of the storyboard it went very smoothly and we all found it easy to shoot, hopefully the finished peice will look as good as we felt it went!

When we finished last week we had just imported all clips into Final Cut, ready to begin our editing for next week.

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