Audience Feedback of Preliminary Task

The feedback received from the class was overly quite pleasing, as there were more good factors than bad. People thought that the music worked really well with the storyline and that it was smoothly run, with no odd volume levels or gaps in the playback. They also thought that the storyline itself was fun and adventurous, and not done before. Although this had nothing to do with the brief or the task itself, it’s much more enjoyable to watch an interesting and innovative story,

than a straight forward, run of the mill one, and it was pleasing to hear that the audience liked our story. The viewers said the clip was creative in shot types, and that this variety showed expression well and that we understood the different sorts well.

There was however, critique of the clip. The audience exclaimed that the lighting was off, making Steph look much darker and in more shadow

Miss Westwood is clearly shown in the frame to be looking onto the scene and the happenings, which makes it unrealistic and amateurely filmed

than she was supposed to.  
The other problem they said they had with the piece was that Miss Westwood was in the background, which messed with the mise-en-scéne and confused the atmosphere of the clip. We should have ensured that Miss was not in the frame before filming.

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