Comparison of Animatic with Final Piece

The first rookie mistake on our animatic was the lack of opening titles and music. We did however use it in out final piece. The next shot was much the same in actual filming, but lasted one second instead of three, and although we wanted the door handle moving down from the opposite side of the door actually being opened, we discovered this an impossibility due to the functions of the door, so got the hand opening the door as well as the handle.
The next three shots were the same as the animatic, which made the filming and editing easier as we already knew what we wanted and had it to plan. The fourth filmed shot is the unplanned one, with the sweeping camera so the continuity is smooth and the eyeline-match is correct (shot between 0:23 and 0:25). The rest of the shots are exactly to the animatic, exactly as planned, just with slightly different timing. I believe this was good planning on our part as it meant the filming could run a lot smoother.

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