Plot Synopsis

Lex and Tom have been together for just over sixth months and they attend a house party together. Lex feels as though she is alone at this party and begins to wonder why she is here, yet she also feels as though everyone is watching her every move and judging her, which scares her; she is hugely paranoid and feels as though she needs to get out of this state of mind. Thus, Lex decides to take her mind out of her mind the way she always does – drug abuse. As she comes up she goes outside to wait, when Tom comes to ask her what is going on. He wants to find out what is going through her mind so that he can help her. Finally she begins to enjoy the party.

Two weeks after the party Lex leaves her house because she feels they are constricting the way she lives her life, suffocating her and stopping her from doing anything at all. Lex moves in with Tom and his family, however this causes more arguments as Tom’s mother has never liked Lex, and seen her as a bad influence on Tom. Tom’s parents argue with Lex continuously, and she finally feels as though she belongs no where, and leaves Tom’s without him in the dead of night. Lex sleeps rough for two nights, drinking and smoking her way through it, before Tom finally tracks her down. He takes her in his arms before she passes out, both through relief of being found and through exhaustion. Tom rushes her to hospital. Here Lex rests, until she is dispatched, and she returns to her parents house. The scene hasn’t changed however, and she is still suffocated and patronised. Argument after argument is had between Lex and her parents, whilst her ten year old sister looks on, full of fear. Her parents then chuck her out, exclaiming that she brings bad energy into the house and will end up corrupting her sister and “ruining her life”. Lex leaves, knows that she cannot return to Tom’s and feels as though if went to stay with any of her friends they would not welcome her and she would also corrupt them. She feels as though anywhere she went she would be a burden and would make any household situation awful to live in. She feels as though she is impossible to be around. Lex continues to walk to the top of the local hotel. It is sunny and warm outside, a blue sky with not a cloud insight. Lex hurls herself off the top of the building. She feels as though she is flying, finally free from herself, free from her thoughts, and everybody else is free from her.

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