Props and Make-up


The props needed are fairly simple and easily accessible. Because of the nature of the party basic alcohol and smoking appliances and the bag of the drugs and the cards used for it are all that are needed to be seen. On the mantlepiece bottles of beer and wine should be seen to demonstrate that the party is in all rooms of the house, and that Lex has just chucked them out so she can be on her own.  A straw is to be used for the drugs to be snorted, but of course the drug  itself is actually sugar. This is the only prop that is not as it seems, as sugar is much more sensible to be used. Lex is later seen to be smoking and so a cigarette is of course needed. Due to the fact Dominique smokes herself it does not have to be a fake cigarette but she can actually smoke.


The eye make-up I want Lex to wear is dark and shadowed to show her mysterious nature. She doesn’t wear any lip make-up because that is too over the top and would show Lex to be trashier than she actually is. Tom will obviously not be wearing any make-up as he is a boy.


I want Lex to wear a black dress and black tights, again to show that she is both mysterious and that she prefers to shrink into the background. She will also be wearing a leather jacket to depict her rebellious nature and that she is the type of girl that is not to be tied down by anything she doesn’t want to be tied down by. She will be wearing boots as she is shown to be casual, but beautiful.

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