Target Audience

My target audience is generally people aged between ten and thirty. Although ten seems to be quite young I am aware that people of this age may well want to watch this film, depending on what type of background they come from. I believe thirty is the right top-end of the age because they would have just come out from the lifestyle depicted (by a couple of years) and at thirty they are still at an age where they wont find what is in the film disgusting, and will still understand the party lifestyle and such.


The main age of people that I want to watch my film is aged 16-21. This is because they will be going to the underage drinking parties shown and many will understand the arguments with the parents. For this reason the film will appeal to them, as they may be able to relate to the film especially.


Sarah Brisbane

I am 18 years old and work in my local pub on friday evenings and saturday afternoons. I attend sixth form at Thurston Community College five days a week, and I am taking literature, computing and biology. I have a boyfriend and we go out every saturday after I’ve finished work, and at least once during the week. I find that my social life competes with my school work and job, but I always manage to fit things in. I do enjoy relaxing to watch films whenever I get the chance to. My favourite TV programmes are Skins, Misfits and The Gilmore Girls, simply because they either cheer me up or  excite me. My all time favourite film is probably Thirteen (Catherine Hardwick, 2003), and I love films that have a party element, but a sick, twisted character. I find watching films that include something I relate to (like partying or drinking) great fun to watch, but its brilliant also to include something that I don’t quite understand as it challenges me and makes me want to find out more about either the character or the situation, and so it keeps me hooked.

John McCall

I am 21 and in my third and last year at Edinburgh University, studying philosophy. My social life is manic as we are all trying to make the most of our last year and enjoy it to the max, meeting as many people as possible. Philosophy is a fairly doss subject, and requires only about ten hours of work, mostly it’s just thinking and remembering arguments. I watch a lot of TV, play a lot of xbox and love to just hang out with my housemates. We generally just drink and have a laugh, as we are all pretty chilled out. If we all sit down to watch a film then usually its something easy to watch that doesn’t require much attention, and doesn’t have too much of a storyline, things like Pineapple Express (David Gordon Green, 2008) and How High (Jesse Dylan, 2001). However if I’m left in the house on my own, or really feel like watching a film, I always go for something a bit heavier. I like films with the same themes as what we all watch, but with much more of a storyline and that show something a bit more serious than just pratting about. Films like Trainspotting (Danny Boyle, 1996) and Requiem for a Dream (Darren Aronofsky 2000) greatly appeal to me because they are so fascinating and its so interesting to see how something like drugs can affect someone’s life. The storylines are so intense that they always have me hooked from the word go, and that’s the kind of thing I love in films: intensity.

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