Due to a social issue the filming that has already been completed will have to be discarded. Basically the people involved in my opening sequence are now unable to complete the filming, and so new people and a new location will have to be decided.


The person to replace Dominique will be Sally Urquhart and she is much the same. Although she looks slightly different to how Lex was originally imagined, she is still happy to wear the black dress and dark eye make-up. Smoking is also not an issue, and as the filming will be completed very quickly, reliability is not a problem, and she is able to complete when asked. The replacement for Tom Welby will be Barney Aldridge. He is Sally’s boyfriend and so was the mot sensible choice, and looks close enough to how the character Tom needs to look, without it causing a major issue.


The location will also have to change. It is now going to be at Sally’s house, though this does not cause a problem to the story line. In her room is a dressing table which will act as the mantlepiece in the first shots. She also has stairs leading down to her front door, which will act as the isolated corridor. The only major problem is the angle I wanted for the shots outside, in which I will have to change her positioning to standing up to get the desired effect. Simply, I will have to make do with what I can and hope that it all works out.

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